Poorest households least aware of Green Homes Grant

By Matt Maynard · 24th September 2020

From our survey, we’ve discovered just under half (45%) of homeowners from the poorest backgrounds are aware of the Green Homes Grant scheme.  

The Green Homes Grant will provide a voucher worth up to £5,000 or £10,000 (depending on socio-economic status) in order to help households become more energy efficient. 

The Government vouchers will cover two-thirds of the costs for homes undergoing energy improvements, with the homeowners themselves expected to cover the rest of the costs.  

Those on low income and certain benefits could receive the £10,000 voucher covering the entirety of the cost of the selected project. However, our survey has revealed that those who could benefit the most from the Grant are the ones least likely to know about it.  

The most well-off group of people (65%) was the most likely to know about the Green Homes Grant and the most likely to have plans to apply for the scheme.  

Our table of the awareness levels among homeowners of the Green Homes Grant, broken down socioeconomic grade:

Social grade (using the NRS grading system)Social grade description% of those aware of the Green Homes Grant


Higher managerial, administrative or professional



Intermediate managerial, administrative or professional



Supervisory or clerical, junior managerial, administrative or professional



Skilled manual worker



Semi-skilled or unskilled manual worker



Pensioners, casual workers, and other people who depend on the welfare state for their income


Need help understanding the Green Homes Grant? 

Read our guides What is the Green Homes Grant? and How to use the Green Homes Grant to help you better understand the Green Homes Grant as a whole, and what improvements could be made to your house.

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