Turning Commitments into Action: How We Are Supporting the Drive to Net Zero in Partnership with The World Climate Foundation

In support of the global drive to net zero and action on climate change, Jacobs has become a Global Strategic Partner for the World Climate Forum, a recently launched initiative spearheaded by not-for-profit organization World Climate Foundation.

Informed by science, best practice and experience, the World Climate Forum will serve as a platform dedicated to facilitating the global transition toward a resilient, net-zero economy. With a focus on supporting faster action and delivery around key climate and biodiversity challenges, the initiative brings together leading public and private decision-makers in structured settings to accelerate the deployment of sustainable policies, innovative cross-sector partnerships and investments.   

“We are pleased to welcome Jacobs as a Global Strategic Partner to World Climate Forum,” says World Climate Foundation’s CEO Jens Nielsen. “Greater collaboration and partnership is paramount to achieving effective change that generates measurable and beneficial environmental impact, whilst also defining and setting ambition for new markets, technologies and policies to achieve the net-zero and clean economy. We are delighted to draw inspiration from Jacobs’ experience from projects around the world, as well as support their long-term goal to be carbon negative by 2030.”

The roadmap of annual summits, regional conferences in Europe, North and America and Asia, and ongoing dialogues between partners across 2021 will be closely aligned with the COP15 (Biodiversity) and COP26 (Climate Action) priority action areas, as well as the United Nations’ Race to Zero campaign and the Business Ambition for 1.5°C commitment, which Jacobs is a signatory to.

As a Global Strategic Partner, we will draw on our experience from across the world to enhance cross-sector dialogue between key stakeholders to strengthen coalitions and alliances, focusing on transforming commitments into actions that support the Paris Agreement and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

“Overcoming the challenges behind the global transition to a net zero society is a topic we are very passionate about at Jacobs. Having already achieved Net Zero Carbon in 2020 for our operations and business travel, we are now focused on fulfilling our science-based carbon reduction targets, as well as our long-term goal to be carbon negative by 2030,” says Jacobs’ Chair and CEO Steve Demetriou. “Beyond reducing our own carbon footprint, our Climate Action Plan recognizes that our biggest opportunity to affect climate change comes from the solutions we provide our clients – from the world’s largest infrastructure projects to mission-critical outcomes and cutting-edge manufacturing. Through Jacobs’ involvement with the World Climate Forum we aim to bring this world-class experience to advise on resilient solutions, innovative partnerships and sustainable policy and investment frameworks.”

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