Ramboll launches the immediate wastewater microscopy testing concept opseyes

Developed by Ramboll, opseyes transforms traditional water testing processes by providing expert analysis to your inbox upon online sample submission. Having diagnostics in hand in just minutes means plant managers and operators are able to quickly remedy threats of contamination and avoid downtime.

“We are so excited to introduce opseyes’ groundbreaking technology to the wastewater industry. The great news for plant managers and operators is that opseyes is backed by global sector specialists and is based on years of experience and thousands of data sets. It’s quality you can rely on,” says Bryan Arndt from Ramboll who has developed the concept.

By giving plants the ability to respond to changes in bacteria in real time, opseyes allows operators to reliably and consistently meet permit requirements. In just three easy steps, wastewater plants are able to achieve a higher degree of responsible management and maintenance without disrupting their normal daily operations or shipping samples to third-party agencies. 

How opseyes works:

  • Collect a sample of mixed liquor or foam and add a few drops to a microscope slide.
  • Using the mount provided in the opseyes test kit, secure your smartphone to your microscope.
  • Once the smartphone is secured, use the camera to take four different pictures of your sample and upload your photos to your account on www.opseyes.com.
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For more information on opseyes, visit www.opseyes.com

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