Expercité wins a global public performance contract with the town of Espalion (12)

The Global Public Performance Contract signed with Espalion mainly concerns street lighting in this town of 4,500 inhabitants. In addition, our teams will take charge of lighting the football pitches, tennis courts and sports centres. Their remit also includes enhancing public buildings and local heritage, and the Christmas illuminations. This global contract will allow our electricians to showcase technologies developed by Expercité, for video surveillance in particular, since the town already has a CCTV system which falls within the scope of the contract.  

In concrete terms, our technicians will replace all the existing light fixtures with LED lighting. Having worked with a lighting designer prior to the consultation, our teams will also be able to light and enhance some of the town’s most remarkable buildings, thus improving the overall attractiveness of the whole area. The solutions offered are original, ground-breaking (stand-alone solar light poles, presence-detecting sensors, IoT) and really economical. The installation of a Hypervisor makes all the difference. This virtual machine monitor will operate and manage all the equipment from a centralized control system, thus making available the information needed to make the right decisions at the right time.   

“The hypervisor is the “brain” behind the whole system deployed by Expercité. It will allow our teams to manage street lighting remotely, varying light output according to time of day, area and needs. Information feedback from the CCTV cameras and IoT will also facilitate decision-making” said  Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ operations manager Arnaud Turlan. 

In winning this contact, Expercité committed to reducing the town’s energy bill by 73%. 

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Whatever their size, small and medium-sized towns often encounter the same problems as big cities, but there are many more of them, which means they are our targets of tomorrow. “Espalion is a regional benchmark for this type of contract, both a laboratory and a showcase for the societal, economic and environmental benefits that Expercité can offer local authorities”, summed up Arnaud Turlan. 

Like Espalion, all these towns are destined to become connected “smart cities”.  

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