Celebrating the UN World Water Day 2020

This year, the UN World Water Day (March 22) is focusing on water and climate change and how the two are inextricably linked. Ramboll has therefore produced seven videos covering different dimensions of this challenge.

“Water and climate change are interlinked in multiple ways. Some parts of the world will be suffering from more drought and water scarcity, while others need to cope with more frequent cloudbursts and storm-surges – and most areas will be challenged by rising sea-levels. In addition, water-efficient and innovative water management can also help mitigate climate change by reducing CO2 emissions,” says René Hoeijmakers, Executive Director, Ramboll Water.

You can watch all the videos here on this site and/or download them here. We invite everybody to share them on social media. The official hashtag on social media is #WorldWaterDay2020.

From water scarcity in Cape town to storm-surge on the Norwegian West Cost

In 2018, Cape Town in South Africa was close to a total shutdown of the public water utility as local authorities announced an official ‘Day Zero’. Our Water Resources team assisted the authorities, so, in one of the videos Jan Kürstein explains about the crisis and possible solutions.

Water-consuming industries is another group with a growing need for help to deal with water scarcity. This issue is addressed by industrial water expert Soubhagya Pattanayak from Singapore, who is also part of the Ramboll team helping Nike towards more sustainable production methods.

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Many flood-prone cities, municipalities and regions need multidisciplinary solutions addressing the combined risk of storm-surges and heavy rainfalls while making the areas more liveable and resilient. Watch examples from Helsinki, Lake Ontario, Gothenburg and Oslo & the Norwegian West Coat presented by Anni Orkoneva, Jennifer Olivo, Henrik Bodin-Sköld and Bjørnar Nordeidet.

Water management can also help mitigate climate change. Watch Annette Raben, Director of Water in Denmark, present four principles for integrated and innovative water management that can help reduce CO2 emissions.

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UN World Water Day: 7 dimensions of the water and climate change connection

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