Joyson Safety Systems Comments on Article in Japanese Media – Joyson Safety System

Joyson Safety Systems (JSS) issues the following statement in response to reporting in the news:

Joyson Safety Systems (JSS) is conducting an investigation into belt webbing test data reporting inaccuracies in the Company’s Hikone, Japan, webbing manufacturing facility. The reporting issues arose long before the acquisition of the plant from Takata in April 2018.

JSS is currently reviewing available and relevant data over a twenty-year period on a test-by-test and product-by-product basis, which is a substantial undertaking. The investigation is ongoing and JSS is focused on clarifying the issues with urgency to identify the causes and take appropriate corrective measures. Thus far, JSS has not identified any related field issues during the timeframe under investigation.

The safety and quality of JSS products is our top priority. JSS has informed OEM customers that may have purchased assembly products that may include webbing produced in Hikone. JSS has also informed relevant regulators.

Media Contacts
Bryan Johnson
Director, Global Communications
Joyson Safety Systems

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