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SINGAPORE, 2 March 2021 – The rapidly growing food delivery platform of airasia super app – airasia food – is set to revolutionise the food delivery service sector in Asean with its official entry into Singapore today.

By now many Singaporeans may have had the opportunity to spot the bright-red uniformed members of the airasia delivery team on the streets across the island. 

airasia food offers consumers in Singaporean a brand new and highly competitive alternative for food delivery service, offering a long list of menu options from popular outlets like No Signboard Seafood, The Shepherd’s Pie, Swee Choon Tim Sum, Maki-san, Pizza Express and more. 

In conjunction with the official launch, airasia food is offering Unlimited Free Delivery for a duration of two weeks from 2 – 16 March 2021 for deliveries within 8km from the order point. 

The number of merchants on airasia food in Singapore is set to grow very fast judging from the positive response shown by restaurants and customers alike. To place an order on airasia food, customers just need to download the airasia super app, or access the website. 

Tony Fernandes, CEO airasia Group said: “Our expansion into Singapore is a key milestone for airasia super app that has been Asean’s fastest growing ecommerce platform since it was launched last year. We are proud that despite the tough times we are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, airasia super app and airasia food in particular, are making even strong headway by expanding into other countries and regions. 

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“With at least 50% of Singaporeans eating out every day and a staggering 2.7 million active online food delivery users in 2020, we are thrilled to be a notable player in the food delivery scene in Singapore, the most vibrant market in the region, if not the world. Singapore is always very close to our hearts and for me personally, I can’t wait for the day I can fly down to do some deliveries myself.

“At airasia food, our mission has always been to help local food businesses keep their cost low by offering a much lower commission rate that can then be passed on to customers so they can enjoy even lower prices for their favourite dishes.

“airasia food has the right infrastructure provided by airasia’s logistics venture, Teleport and the ability to tap into the airasia ecosystem which contains a strong consumer database. Through airasia food, we are very proud to be able to contribute to the economy in general and at the same time help create more jobs as our merchants grow in their business and we are constantly on the lookout to expand our airasia delivery team in Singapore.”

Lim Ben-Jie, airasia super app Head of e-Commerce commented: “We continue to welcome more F&B operators to join us, and airasia food will provide dedicated teams who will onboard merchants and enable them to go live within 48 hours with no registration or setup fees. All they need to do is fill up this form and an airasia food agent will reach out to them soonest.


“Based on our incentive scheme, we estimate that delivery riders can earn up to SGD700 a week on average and I am sure this presents a very viable option for most riders whose take-home income could have been impacted by the recent rise in petrol prices. Coupled with the lower commission rates for merchants and one of the most affordable delivery rates compared to market incumbents, we want to contribute positively towards the whole food delivery chain in Singapore and to further grow this segment.” 

By signing up as an airasia super app user, consumers are able to earn and pay with BIG points for their food orders on airasia food. Advance order is another feature of AirAsia food that adds a further convenience for those who prefer to plan their meals ahead of time.

From restaurants, chain outlets, hawker centres as well as home kitchens, airasia food will deliver your favourite meals to your doorstep. 

To check out what’s on the menu, just download the airasia super app and click on the ‘Food’ icon or visit

F&B operators who are interested in joining the airasia food platform only need to fill up this form, and those who would like to be part of the airasia Delivery Team can visit this page to sign up.

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