Covid-19: Impact to London office

4 March 2020

  • Deloitte has been closely monitoring and managing the Coronavirus situation since its inception in order to be able to respond as necessary. Our people’s health and safety is our top priority.
  • On 03/03/20 we received confirmation that a colleague based in our 1 New Street Square office in London tested positive for COVID-19 after a personal trip to Asia.
  • The individual immediately self-isolated on becoming unwell and is now receiving good care in hospital.
  • We have taken precautionary measures based on our firm-wide guidelines and advice from Public Health England (PHE) in order to protect the health and safety of our people and clients.
  • On the basis of this advice we requested that anyone working on the same floor of 1 New Street Square (where the individual was based) go home with immediate effect to allow deep cleaning of the floor and the community areas throughout the building.
  • Public Health England did not recommend cancelling events, meetings or closing any of our offices. However as a temporary measure we have chosen to cancel or move events from the building affected (1 New Street Square) after we received confirmation of the diagnosis.
  • Our CEO Richard Houston has communicated to our people to let them know that the rest of building and the London campus will remain open, but offered that they could also work from home should they wish (although PHE do not believe this is necessary).
  • Public Health England has not suggested our people need to stop attending meetings or events (beyond their general guidance being given in the UK), although we appreciate this is a fast-moving situation and will monitor this carefully. However we can confirm that on the day our colleague became symptomatic that there was no contact with clients and that the small number of Deloitte colleagues they did work with are now working from home.
  • Deloitte has had a response team in place from the initial stages of the outbreak in China and we have a resilience and business continuity plan that has been enacted to consider and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 across our operations. This includes provision of advice and support to staff and associates, development of response plans, and upgrades to our IT infrastructure to increase capacity for secure remote working.
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